Resources for 2nd Grade

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Waldorf Curriculum

Live Education - $445 usd. Printed copy only, digital copies not available.

Christopherus - starting at $400 usd. Printed copy only but she uses Lulu, a print-on-demand company, that ships from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the United States which will save you on international shipping fees.

Waldorf Essentials - Price varies, starting at $250 usd for a digital copy and training program access. The most expensive option is $675 for US shipping and includes printed copies of both the curriculum and planner, training program access, and monthly group coaching sessions. The training program, called "Thinking, Feeling, Willing" is extremely useful if you have no prior Waldorf experience. The Waldorf Essential's 2nd grade focuses heavily on stories about Christian saints so if that is not a good fit for your family, you might consider choosing a different curriculum for this grade.

Waldorf-inspired curriculum

Earthschooling - digital copy only. $95 usd for the second grade "core bundle". $175 usd for curriculum plus teacher training videos. $750 usd for the core bundle plus video "Living Lessons". Also sells individual lesson blocks.

Lavender's Blue - digital only. $297 usd.

Courses (for the parent)

Waldorfish- Grade 2 wet-on-wet watercolour painting. Also has a course on Grade 2 form drawing.