Best Podcasts for Waldorf Families


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Story Podcasts

April Eight - This is a wonderful podcast from a Waldorf teacher. Suitable for ages 4 to 7. Very gentle stories about pixies, gnomes, and fairies. Perfect for bedtime stories. There are 60 episodes available.

Sparkle Stories - This is a subscription that costs $15 a month and can be played through the Sparkle Stories app. The suggested age range is 3 to 9+. It is very popular with Waldorf families. There are 7 free stories available on Spotify or Apple podcasts for you to try before you subscribe.

Podcasts for Waldorf Parents

Waldorf Essentials Podcast - This is from Melisa Nielsen, who also sells Waldorf homeschool curriculum but you don't need to be using her curriculum to benefit from this podcast. Topics include homeschooling, parenting issues, and discipline.

Simplicity Parenting with Kim John Payne

Rudolf Steiner Audio - Primarily of interest to those studying Anthroposophy. Homeschooling parents may be interested in The Kingdom of Childhood lectures and The Education of the Child. These two were not available on the podcast app I use but they can be downloaded directly from the webpage.